What is RISE?

RISE is a store builder that leverages your existing CPQ solution like Salesforce CPQ or APTTUS CPQ. It can be deployed anywhere. RISE is a comprehensive digital business solution that can integrate digital touchpoints onto a single, strong platform, to provide extraordinary, unified customer experiences anywhere, anytime. It’s safe, secure and protected by state-of-the-art security and authentication technology, providing a superior omnichannel commerce experience. Simplified UI with drag-and-drop facility making it a best-in-breed, holistic solution for an eCommerce platform.

How RISE works?

RISE works on your existing CPQ with out-of-the-box widgets and connectors for a unified experience, especially empowering the sales team, often overloaded with handling multiple channels like partners, resellers, distributors, customers which otherwise impacts sales performance. While handling products, pricing, and orders, the sales team has to encounter data duplication, order processes, and varied product lines. RISE ensures that all the activities are self-service-enabled and are seamlessly synchronized to free up sales overloads, with a personalized, comprehensive eCommerce experience with end-to-end commerce processes.

RISE - Built for B2B intricacies

RISE is built for APTTUS CPQ and Salesforce CPQ which are on the salesforce.com platform, one of the world’s most scalable and secure enterprise clouds. RISE is capable of inheriting Salesforce native capabilities like platform extensions, security, mobile access and the ability to run a business in multiple currencies and languages. With an intuitive user interface and flexible architecture, RISE enables seamless integration with any standard CPQ.

The simplified architecture of RISE makes it a go-to eCommerce platform that creates a distinct next-gen digital experience.

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Empower your customers with these comprehensive key features

Accomplish strategic outcomes with an End-to-End Cart-to-Cash process on a single platform


  • Built to seamlessly integrate with any standard CPQ.
  • Use a single rules engine for products and pricing, to reduce cost and risk.
  • Interact with your CPQ real-time with a visually rich drag-and-drop interface.
  • Customize with industry-specific ready-to-use templates tailored to unique business needs
  • Extensible and scalable predefined service layers
  • Connect to Logistics, Tax, and payments for a smooth checkout.
  • Collaboration with channel partners, customers and sales team

Why Choose RISE?
Our Unique Differentiators


Simplified Customer and Order Management

Easily manage/update customer details and develop personalized customer experiences, to enable direct and channel sales on the same platform

Self-Service commerce platforms

Incorporate unique requirements to extend the platform and enhance the experience and improve customer satisfaction

Code-free easy maintenance and upgrade

Connect natively your existing automation systems with business models without writing a single line of code

Integrate and expand functionalities

Seamlessly integrate with core systems like CPQ or Order Management systems with your payment, tax and shipment carrier

Catalog & Inventory Management

Personalize your storefront, product catalogues, delivery message, content pages and more for a holistic commerce experience

Accelerate time-to-market

Simplify businesses with rapid time-to-market of your products, services, and subscriptions, enabling you to seize new revenue opportunities.

4 Easy Steps to Enable Your B2B Commerce

Think of Revenue, Think of RISE. Start your business journey in 4 easy steps:


  • Connect to CPQ and select your template from the available templates
  • From the Design store, author your storefront as per your branding
  • Preview your selection of the storefront and publish your storefront on to any platform (Salesforce/AWS/Azure)
  • You are ready for business. Rollout eCommerce for your customers and be ready for revenue.

Realize ROI growth with prebuilt integrations

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RISE Payment Gateways

RISE offers multiple payment gateway options making it easier for your customers to choose RISE to save on higher conversions. With fast and simplified domestic and international gateway integrations to choose from, RISE eliminates the payment downtime and helps you convert an opportunity to a potential sale. Also, with the multi-currency support, the currency is converted into your store’s default currency for easier accounting.

Key Features

Custom Branding



Complex pricing & discount rules



Multi-channel & multi-store

Multiple Shopping

Order Management

Payment Gateways

Product Catalogue

Product visualization





Single Sign-on

Tax Engines

Ease of Use

No coding required

Enable/disable functionalities
on the go

Out of box widgets
to build a new website

Self-Service WYSIWYG Rich UI
to manage eCommerce

Managed package
native to Salesforce

Configure once
and publish anywhere

OOB connectors for shipping,
taxes, billing, and payments

Availability to customize
as per the needs

Empowering independent business owners everywhere with RISE

We cater to the trending businesses of the growing industries. Irrespective of what you sell, you need a safe and accessible eCommerce solution that meets the demands of both your customers and business ranging to various industries. With RISE, we engage customers through personalized products and offers, with rapid and secure process transactions creating a tailored shopping experience while increasing customer satisfaction through ongoing engagement—before, after, and at the point of sale.

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  • Drive faster ROI through a fully connected, intelligent ecosystem
  • Streamline and automate processes with a customer purchasing flow
  • Create differentiated customer experience and realize the full potential of your eCommerce project

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